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Clickup features

ClickUp is a productivity platform that allows you to manage your work and personal tasks in a beautifully intuitive environment. Everyone has their favorite way to organize tasks, the features they must have when planning projects. Some work better with just a list of tasks to check off one after the other. Others need detailed, step-by-step plans, or workflows to walk each task through. Some want all the features; others want few. Yet, often the breakdown isn't so much in how each of us want to manage tasks—it's that we all actually need different things at different times throughout our work.

Some projects are simpler; others do need more care taken through each process.

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You might need one thing at the start of a project, another while working, and something else to make sure it's all finished at the end. ClickUp's a new project management app built to give you the tools you need to manage projects at every stage.

With three ways to view your tasks and a number of features you can turn on and off, you can turn it into the project app that works the way you do. Or, more likely, you'll end up using all the features over time for a project manager that morphs to the way you need to work right now.

It starts with your team. The first time you login to ClickUp, it has you create a team—where you'll organize your entire company, division, or perhaps just the group you're directly working with and yes, you can add more teams later. Then add spaces—where you'll organize broader sections of work. Perhaps you add a team for your Marketing team, then spaces for your content, ads, social, and community work. Finally, ClickUp will automatically add a project and list to your new space to break down work in each team with, say, projects for blog, books, and whitepapers under your content team and lists of tasks for each.

When you make new spaces, ClickUp uniquely asks you to set the default status for your tasks, with pre-made labels for scrum, marketing, kanban, and content workflows. Or you can add your own to labels to build a custom workflow that your team's tasks should be tagged with.

clickup features

This is also where you can enable ClickApps or extra features for all the projects in your space including start dates, multiple assignments, priorities, time tracking, and tags. You can tweak both these extra features and the labels later in your settings, but it's nice to be able to customize things right from the start. Switching from another project app? As soon as you've set up your workspace in ClickUp, it'll ask you what other apps you've used.

Select Asana, Trello, and Jira, and you can import your tasks—with support for Todoist and Basecamp coming soon. Then it's time to get to work.

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You'll see the default list view first, where you can add to-dos as normal one after the other. Each task can include sub-tasks, comments that reference other team members and tasks, and attachments.

clickup features

And ClickUp can filter your tasks to show just what you need to work on. Once your work is listed, switch to the board view for a kanban style list of your tasks organized by those status labels you set previously for a great way to show the progress of your work. And when you're starting the day and need a quick overview of what's going on, the box view shows quick lists of how many tasks are assigned to each team member, organized again by status.Do more with Dependencies Plan project timelines with structured task dependencies.

What are Dependencies?

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Link To Establish task linking to easily jump between similar tasks and ensure everyone has full visibility of everything relevant to their work. Dependency Warning Before closing a task that is waiting on another task, ClickUp will warn users not to forget any requirements.

Templates with Dependencies Set up a required workflow and build new Spaces, Projects, or Lists with task dependencies already in place. Gantt View Draw lines between tasks to automatically set dependencies and reschedule them automatically with a simple drag and drop! By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them.

You can change your cookie settings at any time but parts of our site will not function correctly without them. Accept All Cookies. Trello Alternative Asana Comparison Monday. Get ClickUp. Please enter valid email address.Organize the sprints, small components, and entire features needed for a successful release. Monitor your campaigns in one place, so you can monitor spend, effort, and analytics in real time.

Organize everything needed to successfully launch your new store. Marketing Campaigns Monitor your campaigns in one place, so you can monitor spend, effort, and analytics in real time. Store Openings Organize everything needed to successfully launch your new store. Gain a high-level overview of how aligned initatives are progressing. Select and prioritize Lists that align with strategic objectives.

Share portfolios with stakeholders and limit permissions when needed, so you feel safe and the team stays informed. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. You can change your cookie settings at any time but parts of our site will not function correctly without them.

Accept All Cookies. Trello Alternative Asana Comparison Monday. Get ClickUp. Please enter valid email address.The Sidebar acts as your control center in ClickUp. Let's go over some features of the sidebar:. To expand or collapse the sidebar, simply click the arrow on the top right above your Spaces. Move tasks to different Folders and Lists by dragging and dropping into the sidebar. Select Everything to view all tasks in all Spaces, or select Shared with Me to view tasks that have been shared with you.

You will be able to access GoalsPortfolios and Reporting from the sidebar, as well as your profile settings. A number indicating how many of each view exists will also be indicated:. The Sidebar is the one place in ClickUp where you can create and edit your entire structure. Simply click on the ellipses With just one click, you can see tasks within one specific List, within an entire Folder, or even within all of your Folders in a Space. Selecting "Expand all Folders" by clicking on this ellipses will allow you to quickly view all Folders and their respective Lists within a Space.

Guests are external users with whom you can share select Folders, Lists and tasks. Guests will only be able to see items in their sidebar to which they have been given access. They will also only see other users who have access to these same items. Keep in mind that if you share a Folder with a guest, that guest will have access to all of the Lists within said Folder.

If you share a single List, the guest will only have access to said List. Guests will not ever see Spaces. Need more information on getting started with ClickUp's Hierarchy?

Click here! All Collections. Sidebar Features. Written by Zeb Evans Updated over a week ago. Go to ClickUp. Did this answer your question?Jira is good but it's a tool of the past Design really matters. Using ClickUp is Apple way. Goodbye Asana, goodbye Toggl, hello productivity! ClickUp has really helped curb my crippling anxiety and panic over my expanding task list and projects. Sat down, typed it all out, and felt huge relief once I could see it all laid out. The difference between this and Meistertask?

Simple no comparison. A completely different league! Amazing App!! Thanks ClickUp Team! Sleek, functional and the best content management software I've experienced in decades. Trust me. I've nearly tested them all. ClickUp 2. Wanted to share this app.

All the features, without all the mess.

A5: I try to institute my own deadlines, because I do work better the closer I get to one. People love us, and we love them back.

Our mission to make the world more productive starts with you. ClickUp's productivity platform is constantly improving as we release new features requested by our users every single week. What companies are saying about ClickUp: Been using this effing app for a month. Now I have mental workflow that is getting stronger. Out of the rut. Took some time not so much to learn the app, but to learn how to make my process better.

Thanks team.

clickup features

Jose Miguel Villouta. The constant rollout of exciting features and improvements has meant that I actually watch my inbox for that weekly email with the ClickUp updates! Read full story. It's what I recommend to everybody for project management and I can't imagine going back to any other project management software!All the features, without all the mess. Choose what you want and hide everything else.

People love us, and we love them back.

Looking for something else? Process Management. Ensure your Projects are streamlined and the steps to complete each task are precisely followed. Customize your workflow with statuses to fit each individual project. Use preselected statuses or create your own. Manage your processes with templates. Quickly create and re-use checklists in ClickUp. When a task needs more than one person, enable multiple assignees.

Task Dependencies: Add different types of dependencies for tasks waiting on, linking to, or blocking others. Recurring Checklists repeat events. Create recurring checklists that repeat on any schedule you like.

Agile Board View Kanban kanban cards image. When a comment is assigned containing an action item, mark it complete with a single click to keep things organized.

clickup features

Team-wide workflow templates let you quickly re-use your favorite custom statuses in any Project or Space. Goals work perfectly for managing sprints. Simply keep a backlog List of tasks, then when you're ready, move them into a Goal. Use the people sidebar to quickly filter tasks related to certain people in your Workspace. Toggle to "Me" mode to see what's just for you! Goals okr Okr target.

Goals are your mission control center. Monitor and manage your strategy through to execution. The dropdown custom field lets you set a unique point value to each task. The perfect way to measure points in each sprint. What are people working on?

What have people done? With Box view, you can easily see who is overloaded and who needs more tasks. Plus, managing resources is as simple as drag and drop. Set reminders on tasks for yourself or others on your team for complete peace of mind. Wiki and Docs knowledge base.

Create, collaborate, and keep all your work in one place by creating wikis and docs for whatever you're working on. Automate your entire workflow inside ClickUp using hundreds of prebuilt templates, or create your own with our custom automation builder!Looking for the best p roductivity software for ? The Top 10 Productivity Tools For How many tabs on your browser or desktop apps do you usually have open? Not only is it painful to wade through this jungle of apps, but they also consume valuable resources and slow down your computer.

Gain freedom from all this clutter with Shift! This productivity software will help you say goodbye to getting lost in a sea of tabs and logins.

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Shift makes working on your desktop more productivebeautiful and effortless. Connecting all your productivity apps in one place to streamline your workflow. Shift helps you streamline your work processes by instantly toggling between multiple productivity apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Clickup, Slack and Skype. This makes it incredibly easy to manage all your tasks and deliverables in seconds.

ClickUp is one of the highest-rated all-in-one productivity suite tools. Used by companies like Google, Airbnb and Nike, this task management app has all the features you need to increase productivity in no time!

An all-in-one productivity suite to manage:. ClickUp lets you create a t o-do list for each task and project to keep track of what you have to do. You can even organize your to-do lists by category to make them more accessible.

This way, ClickUp doubles up as a handy to-do app for all your needs! ClickUp has powerful reminders to ensure that you never forget anything again! The tool can send you reminders about when tasks are started, when tasks are overdue and when deadlines are approaching. Additionally — you get to customize where these reminders arrive, such as via email, your phone or your desktop. Comment Sections. All ClickUp tasks come with powerful comment sections for real-time collaboration for effective task managemen t.

You can share documents, pictures and even tag team members for immediate, real-time messaging.

Sidebar Features

ClickUp helps you prioritize tasks and lists to help you tackle your most important projects first. ClickUp comes with built-in time tracking to help you monitor your t ime spent completing projects and tasks. With powerful word processingyou get all the customization you need to create a note that accurately reflects your thoughts.

Additionally, these notes are printable and can be instantly converted into tasks for your team. ClickUp Docs is a built-in wiki solution for your company.

Use its powerful word processing abilities to create and store important company and project-related d ocuments. You can also customize the access rights to these docs and even let Google index them!

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ClickUp can integrate with tons of other productivity tool s to help you unify all your activities and processes. You get tons of other office suite features such as:. The collaboration tool lets you easily communicate with team members, share project files and host phone and video calls. Texting and other social interaction over projects and tasks. This real-time messaging tool has three pricing plans:.

Like Rescuetimeit monitors the time spen t completing tasks — helping you focu s better and be more productive. This time-tracking software even has a built-in Pomodoro timer to help you implement the Pomodoro technique for added productivity.

Tracking the time you spend on tasks to help you boost your time management. You can also use it to implement time management techniques like the Pomodoro approach. Evernote is an incredibly popular note-taking app.

Zapier is a powerful tool that lets you automate workflows by connecting your various workplace tools.

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